New ground a year on

When Dave braved a visit to Mt Perry last year we headed out on a bottle tree search and stumbled upon this beautiful hillside of grass trees near the town of Monto. Two weeks ago I finally got back there, and my travelling buddies pointed out to me that there were also bottle trees growing on the slopes above them. So this is part of a new site I’m going to explore, and see what happens. These little sketches are headed to Woodgate Arts in Spring this weekend. Really looking forward to getting into more next week. AW_136  Just a phone pic, so need to go back with all the sketcharama bits and the good camera… and get up earlier… and…

New Ground Grass and Bottle 2014  Gouache and Acrylic on Arches  17cm x 25cm AW_14_NewGroundGrassandBottle_E New Ground Grass Tree Hill  2014  Gouache and Acrylic on Arches  15cm x 15cm   AW_14_NewGroundGrassTreeHill_E

Still life with friend

Last weekend I had a friend visit, Louise Thomas, and she’s been doing some beautiful still lifes lately. So we spent the time taking shots of her paintings and talking about talking to galleries, and talking about dogs.

On the tiles  Louise Thomas  2014  Oil on canvas  70cm x 90cm


Thirty-six grapes  Louise Thomas  2014  Oil on canvas  90cm x 90cm


Two pairs on stripes  Louise Thomas  2014  Oil on canvas  90cm x 70cm


Been a long time. TOYS r us!

So, am working on very small items for a gallery in Santa Fe having a toy themed holiday show in December. Also, our own Catherine Brenner at Unsettled is having an ‘ornamental’ exhibition same month. They’re both getting toys in painting and drawing form. 5″x 5″ and having too much fun so far. They are all ink, acrylic & graphite and some crayon on rice paper (old sumi e paintings) mounted to masonite panels. Yes, the masonite was gessoed with black so sides are black, too. bunny jacks slinky baby blue

Oh no!

That drawing kept bothering me until I finally realised it wasn’t finished at all! In fact it is going to be a few more weeks till it is done….I hope. Drawings are demanding. Attached is an update taken with my iPad. And I attached a couple of files after CC enquired about my entry for the Bundaberg Art Festival. I called it ‘The Gates of Babylon’. It is an acrylic collage with plastic lace and tablecloths. 150cmsq




Nolan speaks at Unsettled Gallery

It was good to see Nolan again, saying a few words about her work at the closing reception at recent Unsettled Gallery exhibition.  Also got to introduce one of my close art friends from Virginia, Jon Moneymaker, who was out for a week of hiking and inspiration from our desert and mountains.  He estimates he’s got a thousand future paintings in his camera.

Nolan talks 30aug14-2-f Nolan talks 30aug14-f


Jon and I paid a visit to Three Rivers Trading Post….you may recognize the subject of my painting that was in ChArtS.

DDS by 3 rivers tower-fDDS and Jon above Dripping Springs-e

Down, down, down, up, up, up

So, I’ve been revisiting some works from last year, scraping through the bones and overpainting new body parts. This can go a little ‘frankenstein’, as did this piece, so I turned the monster to face the wall for a while… before I set fire to it!

Something I’ve been doing lately is to take a phone pic of the beast and printing it out small so I have a dodgy print on which to scribble and scrawl and resolve things at a smaller size. This piece is 91 x 91cm (36 x 36in) so it’s big, and too big to play around on at this point, it needs a surgery plan.

134_Downsize01Gouache and acrylic are slopped on here in a wrinkly mess, still around the zone colours I’ve been using, and it feels like I’ve got somewhere to go next time I face it.

Below is the current incarnation, and it’s been through a few non-working versions to get to this non-working version, but looking at it in small scale has been a good exercise (‘cos seriously, it’s rubbish up big!).



Vote early, vote often

Actually, I think you can only vote once. Hah. But if you’re interested, all of the entries in the Qld Regional Art Awards are online now and you can vote for your favourite.

This is the same Award where Christine’s beautiful image took out last years Digital Award and won her the residency in Brisbane. And her piece is part of the show touring Queensland this year.

Voting is open for 2 weeks. I will bring you cake if you vote :-]

But even for a flick through some of our regional talent go to: