Nolan’s “Home Base” intro panel, RioBravoFineArt, April 12, 2014


Nolan and Winkler with Friends and supporters.


Art Aficionado Eve and friend eye the food table after an exhaustive survey of CC’s work.


The Long Wall: CC “Akin” installation, next door neighbor to “Home Base”


Unsettled Gallery’s Catherine and Don on Busman’s Holiday to support Nolan and Carey


Nolan, Raul and Tauna, Winkler, Heather.

Thanks to Eduardo and the great folks at the Rio Bravo and to everyone that came out. CC

Carey and I hung our show and I’m a happy clam!

I took a few snaps of CC’s, too, but so did he and I’ll let him post his. So far….this is before the lighting gets set by the gallery owner. We had to let him do something, no? CC and I had fun hanging the show. He had to take quite a few back home but the ones we hung of his look fantastic. Our fingers are crossed and we cannot wait till next Saturday’s opening reception. We went to lunch after hanging it all and both wished you all were here for it. 


Above is to the left of one entrance door. Below is to the right of said entrance.


Then, we walk down the long wall you see on the right in the above pix.


A little further….long wall, ya know.


Then we make a turn to my ‘Australian’ wall (NM FOR AU)


Then around the corner to another wall with my 12″x 12″ pieces….


Across from my ‘long’ wall are the main ‘Home Base’ looking pieces…that also lead into CC’s room which you can see a bit of…

The gallery owner will have NOLAN WINKLER: HOME BASE above these 3.Image 

Then, back to a small alcove for 3 more


Then, in the farthest part of my area are all the little sketches and study paintings that can go for little $. I know I cannot afford my own work, so always like to have something in a more reasonable range. (The Aussie ones were in that range, too)


my favorite of the small black and whites…



Mr Tooly Tool has some ‘work’ done


So, this is one of those sentences I just love saying/writing/singing: “When I was in Santa Fe with Carey and H we went to an art shop” (probably won’t be the last time you hear me say that). CC showed me these little silicone brush tools—yes, I discovered we can buy them in Bundaberg—and so I bought a couple.

I tried using one tool on a painting and it was so perfectly uniform – I can’t really describe how bad it looked, how out of place. Not to be put off, I have had a scalpel session with Mr Tooly Tool and hacked out that uniformity and I think it might actually work for me now. In background, the drying commission bases await the next layer. All proceeding at a glacial pace. Perhaps I’ve been tooling around?

Now, back to chatting about how when I was in Santa Fe with Carey and H we went to an art shop, a museum, a margarita happy hour, did I mention the Indian village in Taos? I know, such a bore!

Still sharing WBHD

I am back in Hampton Roads, Virginia, where I lived before moving to New Mexico.  (Hampton Roads is the generic name given to this region of waterways, AKA “roads” leading into the Chesapeake Bay around the cities of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, and Newport News)  Only here a few days seeing friends and my ex (now finally a friend as well).  One of my get-togethers was with artists at the Charles H. Taylor Arts Center in Hampton, following their weekly Saturday painting session.  The director put me on the spot to share some of my works piled in the back of the car, and talk a bit about my experiences in New Mexico and Australia.  Of course WBHD featured heavily.

Looks like I might make it back to Las Cruces somewhere around the 3rd week in April.  It is finally warming a bit now as Spring progresses in the face of record cold winter, and as I move towards the equator. Enjoyed an outing in the sun on the beach here the other day. Next week I’m in the Carolinas and then Florida.  I haven’t been painting, but occasionally find a worthy photo subject, perhaps for a future artwork.  I’ve been a bit busy to blog much (primarily because of renovation projects at my son’s), so my apologies for failing to chime in on your great posts.





Reflections in the winter plastic wind barrier on one of the rides at the historic Glen Echo Amusement Park in Washington, DC


ImageExposed stump and prehistoric mud flats on the beach at Grandview Point, Virginia.  These were exposed by storm surf, having been long buried under sand over the eons of shifting shoreline.



It’s getting close for Carey and myself for our two ‘solo’ exhibitions in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I’m going to attach the advertisment that will be in the April edition of THE magazine, Santa Fe, NM. I’m getting excited to see the work all up at once. Shows are the only time I get to see a lot of my work at once….clean walls….good lighting. Wow. Image

Desert edge

I’ve just arrived in Charleville to spend some time through the week sketching and chatting with architecture and engineering students as they work their way through the early stages of an assignment. It’s about design for sustainable futures, and run by their professor (a good mate of mine).
Hopefully I can post some sketching progress.

Just over 3000 people live in Charleville and it’s surrounding red earth makes you feel very close to the inland deserts.

Flying in this morning I saw many beautiful abstracted shapes and patterns. And these river red gums on the banks of a Warrego River waterhole … sigh. Hard to photograph the flies though. I’ve told the students I will buy a gift for the first person who transits a fly up the nose and out the mouth. Hope that’s not me!