Morning, Dave mentioned the posting changes in the blog recently and I thought I’d mention it too. When I go to post it comes up calling it a draft with no editing options, no way of making text bold or add hyperlinks etc.

You can get around this by typing in your post heading, type a couple of words in the content field, and then click ‘save draft’. Immediately underneath is your draft and you click on this and it opens up into the proper editing/posting window with all the whizzy options.

When you post photos you can also tell them to open in new windows if you like. Hover over the top left of the photo in your draft and you get 2 icons including a pencil. Click this and a box appears and you see all sorts of options including a tick box ‘open in new window’.

The end.

More about drawings

Hi, the drawing of the blond was a copy of a Ryden figure. I have been copying many Ryden images. ( trying to learn something from him). I have this thing about the oceans becoming so toxic that the fish are turning into plastic. If I was to name this little drawing I would call it ‘been fishing’ after Ryden.c x image

In the zone

Hey, it looks like the WBHD-onesies have been busy making art and gathering ideas, great to see a flurry of posts from y’all :-D

I posted this piece a few weeks back, mid ramble, and now it’s finished and entered in our regional art awards. Be nice to be selected for it’s touring show, lots of stiff competition but it’s good to dream occasionally.

‘Orange Zone Survivor, After Rain’ 91x91cm Oil on Canvas


The piece had to be accompanied by a statement of how it addressed this year’s theme of ‘Vital Signs‘ and so here it be:

This painting emerged following a year of creating works centred around the Queensland bottle tree, dotted around the paddocks and on the ridgelines near my home.

The North Burnett and neighbouring Bundaberg landscapes were both temporarily and permanently changed by the 2013 floods, where vital signs of life existed beside, and amongst, scenes of utter devastation.

The ‘zone’ colours reference the Regional Ecosystem maps used by all property owners to manage their land. Within these maps, pockets of remnant treasures are documented by colour to create a picture of surviving habitats. Essentially, they are maps of vital signs of life across all Queensland landscapes.

A utopian, post-rain palette works to build a romantic notion of what is past and what remains, and heralds the vital signs of the survivor who sings out from a busy and vibrant landscape.


<a href="https://2014-05-27”>Rabbit hat sm

2014-05-27 21.09.54

2014-05-30 21.26.43

Hi all, Attached are a few of my efforts at drawing. I must say, I am really enjoying it. The more recent works are much more complex. I will post more images soon. c x

re-redding of MARILYN. and darker dots, o boy!

Taking this 40×40 painting of my ‘portrait’ of MARILYN (Joe DiMaggio’s red roses and her black polka dotted dress in The Misfits…) up to Santa Fe next week. Nah, hasn’t sold…to the gallery. I just made it much ‘redder’ and blacker. Too subtle before…and she wasn’t, was she? ha. Also need to see if the posting has changed per Dave’s previous chili posting.

New Contemporary gallery in Aarhus, Denmark

AroS is a very large and unusual new contemporary museum in Denmark’s second largest city.  It immediately became famous for two features, the Rainbow Walk on the roof (360 degree colored glass passageway) and for the giant lifelike sculpt of a crouching boy.  They had a very unusual installation exhibit based on light during my visit.  One piece was a room full of dense fog, lit in bright colors…once inside it took a while to find the exit again, but lots of fun trying.  And, of course, more interesting stair architecture.








Back in the Netherlands I was in the small, historic town of Zaltbommel for their annual art studio and gallery tour.  I was very impressed by who was hiding behind the ancient walls and doors of the burg.  Some excellent painters, sculptors, and fabric artists.  My cell camera died early so only have this shot with Renee Wolters, full of life in her huge walled garden.  I got a couple of excellent nude sketches of hers….will send pix when I pick them up later and can take some images.


Image Image

Zaltbommel-Renee Wolters garden-e

Renee Wolters-WC-model 31 Ella-f  Renee Wolters-pastel-woman in blue-f Two of Renee’s drawings that I added to my collection.

Maria Van Gerwen-Shiva sculpt-f A sculpt of another artist on the tour, Maria Van Gerwen.


Runner Medallions…for fun and little profit

Hey, have I been painting in our 100°+ F heat? Nah, not much since I finished the commission pieces and did 2 extra for portfolio. But, I designed and a friend made these raku medallions (well, I helped…I made the little runner for pressing into clay) for the 2014 SANTA FE THUNDER Half Marathon and 5K run in September. We agreed to do medallions (66 in all for each year) for 3rd, then 2nd and now 1st place. We’ve done them and we’re finished. We each made about $3. an hour I believe. haha. But we did it because we’ve both been in running, race walking and/or cycling races over our many years of living and it was a small way to say thanks for the fun of it all. Not to say I’m not glad it’s over. I had to put all the info on the backs, too. Finito, wheeeee.Image