Hello Nolan and Dave and my Wide Bay fellow artists Christine Adrienne and Trevor. I’m looking forward to this exchange of art and words, meeting Dave and Nolan and learning about your arts practice and New Mexico.

I’ve began by unearthing older works where I’d used the red dirt that is synonymous with the Childers area. Im thinking of making a series of dolls or puppets the clay and cloth coloured with some fresh red earth sieved and made into paint. I like the process of making the paint although it can be tedious, it’s a quiet time before the more demanding process of creating something, a calm before the brainstorming .. We have had some evil storms of late .. trees 40cm diameter snapped in half thru the gully beside our house but its green and calm and temperate now.

Have added an image of one of the old red dirt pieces mentioned above … sue

Iblog cabinet


One thought on “Hello

  1. Ah, red dirt! I’ve still got memorabilia stained red from the Centre visit in 1975. It never fully comes out of clothes (or soul!)

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