70% thinking while priming


It’s clear this is just a blatant attempt to introduce the studio dog. Dog on a blog – my nearest would say it was only a matter of time. Best to get introductions out of the way: Sunday 3yrs: potential studio assistant who subscribes to the belief that painting is 70% thinking and 30% doing.

She spends a lot of time thinking with her eyes closed, and does not subscribe to Jeffrey Smarts school of thought that ‘if you’re not working hard, you’re not painting’.

I really love stretching and priming canvasses. I get my stretcher frames made for me—there’s a limit to the ‘love’—and use 10oz cotton duck from a roll so I don’t create any long term folds when it’s stored. Many years back Nearest bought me a compressor and air staple gun when he saw that my hands were almost as useless with a manual staple gun as a dogs would be.

I feel like I make a connection with the canvas space as I stretch and prime it and find myself stopping and writing notes or doing little scribbles, which occasionally I lose in the process. But something to do with the ‘30% doing’ part is burrowing down deep in the subconscious, even having worked the surface with gesso and a brush it feels like something has started. I’m sore and tired from standing, so maybe today there was ‘working’. Time to walk the assistant.


One thought on “70% thinking while priming

  1. My dog LaLoba (named after south American wolf spirit , if I had that right) would sit in the studio by my chair staring at me as I sat staring towards a canvas at some in between stage transfixed … my partner would like to say ‘ I see you and your dog are hard at work again’ as he walked by. And of course we were. .. sue

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