Best viewed from a distance…


Oh Christine, those images you posted are just sublime. Can’t wait to see them unfold.

And Dave, great to ‘meet’ you. With empathy, I loved reading your comment about how parts of your piece ‘will surely depress me’. I think many imagine every part of making art is joyous, and many parts are. I am currently in the middle of the bits that aren’t. Still not happy with any direction yet, but am hopeful it will come.

I’m working small for a while, to get some ideas down and though they’re not working yet, at least I’m not putting them onto large canvasses. Today I’m going to stretch and prime 4 small, skinny ones, and tomorrow I’ll drive the 100km (62 miles) to Bundaberg to pick up another 8 frames made to the US standard size. Exciting 😀


2 thoughts on “Best viewed from a distance…

  1. Thankyou Adrienne…Trevor, Susan and I might come up to Mt Perry sometime soon to visit you in your studio if you would like that? c x

  2. Oooooh, I’d love it! I have a sketching trip planned for Anzac week, so I’ll email you the dates I’m away and hopefully the free ones suit you all. Definitely here all this coming weekend and the next one, though Saturday is Mt Perry Show day and I’ll be on chicken wrap and savoury mince roll duty that day. Everyone gets a job!

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