Parallel universes…


8 new 38’x38″ stretcher frames and a luscious new brush.

The art materials shop (and we are so lucky to have a great one in ArtPlus in Bundaberg) is like one of those bulk food places for me – the ones where food is in bulk bins and you make ‘sensible’ choices about what stuff and how much.

On the footpath you have a list that says ‘plain flour, sesame seeds, honey’ and you step inside to some kind of parallel universe and before you know it you’re back on the footpath with $50 worth of nuts, chocolate raisins and other edible items of desire in your bucolic, hessian shopping bag!

But it’s a very, very beautiful brush. Low cal, no regrets :-]


2 thoughts on “Parallel universes…

  1. love the way you write Adrienne, you’ll have to post a pic of that brush after its first real life changing experiance once its stained by its first flirtation with creation

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