What the water gave me


I made changes to this digital image, combining a face that had a bit more variation. It works better with the other elements. The faces were from a series of artworks called Coonar Bride. My friends Brad and Jess had taken me to Coonar Beach (20 minutes from Bundaberg). We had with us, one of my shop mannequin torsos and a variety of arms and legs, to photograph by the sea. It was a great day, and some inspiring photographs were taken.

I also took bridal veils that day and if you look carefully you will find traces of them in this image. Regarding the landscape, I think we may have been flying over the Coonar Beach area when I took the photo of the rivers used here. I will have to ask someone who knows the coastline.

The mannequin figure has become, to me at least, an Earth Mother or goddess and I feel the influence of Frida Kahlo at work. She is always in my heart…and therefore we have the borrowed title for the artwork.

Till soon cx


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