I’m posting a small painting that began as a red landscape, was scrubbed back, then the black bird flew in. Was thinking about flying away to experience another culture and bringing back trinkets, reminders .. so added the tiny chinese figure. Then wrote this small poem which I’ll be brave and share. I’m thinking of making an artist book of poems and pictures

‘I don’t know’ said the crow

The dirt is as fine as powder slipping over the hairs and into the crevices of the old skin of the world … but red deep red in the afternoon and under the hard hit of the sun at midday bright orange

drifting finding solace on the wind above the plough

And when the rain comes  it clumps

like clag glue coagulating slippery Sam run to the dam don’t fall in or you’ll lose your skin

and end                on the wind above the plough

With the crows dive bombing right through you.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Your poetry is sublime Susan…I hope to read more of it soon. The little painting is beautiful….the controlled colour is a change for you. It works really well in this piece. Keen to see more crow paintings!! cx

  2. Love this…the poem is wonderful with the painting….each on its own, too. Funny, because I do NOT write, but 3 of my 4 pieces for the show have stories on them. And having to think about where I live was really a challenge for me, because I never do ‘regional’ work. But kinda did for this show and it began an entire new series of works for me: HOME BASE.

  3. I love this Sue – your poem and the painting are both beautiful.

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