I think I’ve figured this posting stuff out. We’ll see….

So, for my first post on the site, I’m showing one of my favorite pieces of art supplies. The holy yam or sweet potato. I use a brush a lot. I use my fingers. I use graphite. I use crayons, (French, of course) and I love paint. And painting a circle or dot…both symbols I’ve used for years now, is not just fun but terrifying at times. Someone recently asked me why a circle. Gee, if I figured it out, I’d probably not feel the need to use it anymore. I am well into the small paintings/drawings on paper that will be in the exhibition. I have never done ‘regional’ type work, so it’s strange to me. and exciting. Glad to be a part of it all.aus2


5 thoughts on “I think I’ve figured this posting stuff out. We’ll see….

  1. I’ve never seen the yam used as a tool like this – thanks for sharing this Nolan it’s really inspiring.

  2. ha, who knew the lowly yam could be ‘inspiring?’ It is to me. I love the circle. When I first began potato printing, I did slightly recognizable objects that I repeated. Then, to the abstract circle and dot.

  3. love the art material .. can eat it can make art with it .. two of my favourite passtimes! we’re all responding to the landscape in such different ways the making of this exhibition’s going to be so interesting watching our works develop .. great fun

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