Writing notes to myself in the dark


I was inspired by Susan’s bravery to post her beautiful poem, and so I nervously show the beginnings of scratchings and messes, and wobbly things that make me wonder will I ever get beyond this part of the process. But in the small sketch pad in graphite I had a bit of a breakthrough today about the next step, as none of the other studies have been moving me any closer.

I’m grappling with this beautiful bottle tree and its incredibly strong shape and how to move it into compositions that are landscape but not landscape, that are recognisable but not traditional. I want to create a strong void of space in the canvas but keep filling it up. And I’m circling around the idea of using the maps of established environmental ecozones as ways of representing the country on which the trees grow.

Grapple, scribble, scratch scratch.

On a Sunday night drive on the highway this week I was writing notes to myself in the dark, watching the most amazing cloud/moon effects through the windscreen. They are barely legible now, perhaps I should just put their mangled letter shapes into the paintings.

Note the new brush is still pristine – it’s getting an outing tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Writing notes to myself in the dark

  1. I like the watercolour piece bottom right. I really like it when I see the traces of the layers that build up to complete a work. I’m sure your new brush will get you firing! cx

  2. I have some lovely watercolour brushes I brought over a year ago that have never been dipped in water!! It’s interesting to see note book, watercolour sketches and painting together, red painting looks lovely… sue

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