Some scenes of Pena Blanca area

You can get some sense of scale from this sunset photo of my shadow against the crystals.  Some of these things are several meters on a side.  They topple over out of the vertical crystal formation in the background, forming quite a jumble of multi-sided blocks.Pena Blanca-red crystals-self portrait-e

The crystal portion of the formation is at far left of the “destination” photo.Pena Blanca-climb to top-e

This part of the US has a lot of alien-sighting loonies, so I couldn’t resist.  The “egg chambers” are actually water cistern holes eroded in a cave floor by the early indigenous people.

alien crash site-e

Enjoying the last light, up among the crystals for a sunset.Pena Blanca sunset-portrait smile-f

The full Pena Blanca formation with the darker Organ Mountain chain in the background.



5 thoughts on “Some scenes of Pena Blanca area

  1. Your Pena Blanca area is fantastic , I love the play of light in the photo with cactus ..sue

  2. Stunning images Dave, and so is the work on your last post.
    Ok, I’ve got a hankering to hike there now (we call it ‘bushwalking’, as you probably know from your Australia travels).

  3. Wow! Dave this all feels a little familar, I saw similar cistern holes and similar red mountains in arid parts of the Andes when I visted Argentina a few years ago. Thansk for sharing.

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