All the pretty bottle trees


Today was a scribbling day. I should have started some collagraph plates for Monday’s printing excursion, but the ideas aren’t there yet ā€“ though it’s been so long since I’ve printed I’m not sure the ideas are a priority at the moment. The little rectangular boards in the photo are the plates of tomorrow.

Some things are starting to gel, this is more ‘pretty’ than I usually work but the colours are coming from the ecosystem maps… pink/magenta means endangered and is a bit special. As I found out yesterday, a pink dot on a map can be a single tree and a lot of the mapping is based on satellite imagery with no ground ‘truthing’.

I just read Cormack McCarthy’s ‘All the pretty horses’, wishing my Spanish was better than ordering coffee and eggs as I know I missed some pivotal dialogue. I love his writing, and his dark side is always present.

On a cheery note, I just made pizza dough as, unfortunately, the nearest delivery pizza won’t bring them the 100km to our door.


3 thoughts on “All the pretty bottle trees

  1. they look whimsical, fat contented bottle trees .. the colour conection with the endangered on the map is interesting .. sue

  2. Love love love love’em!

    I’m excited at what is yet to come from this project. No pressure being added there. Just do your thing – it’s going to be special – I just know it.


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