In spite of my focus on painting scenes of the High Desert around Las Cruces, New Mexico, I still occasionally take a little time to keep working on my Aussie landscapes.  Since 1975 I’ve been gradually building a portfolio of paintings and drawings, mostly from memory, of events and places that had some special story or stuck in my brain from my year in the bush, bashing around in an old Kombi van with my mate, Murray (now from Brisbane). These are intended as illustrations for a book I hope to write some day about those adventures.  The most recent is this watercolor of a flock of sulphur-crested cockatoos flying down a gum-lined canyon at sunset, somewhere in middle of northwest WA.  We were camping by the dry riverbed and I was out for another ho-hum boring walk in the bush.  I heard some squawking and looked up to see the flock go by, all a-glow.  Typical day in paradise.  Of course I left the camera back in the van, so it’s taken me these  37 years to recreate my vision.

DDS watercolor-cockatoo canyon-21apr13-f


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