I was fortunate to have an Aussie/Canadian mate, Doug Saddy, visiting from his current home in the UK.  I took him on the whirlwind tour of Las Cruces and the surrounding natural wonders.  Jenny will recollect a few of these sights, no doubt.

dds in mesilla-crop Enjoying the old town of Mesilla.

Doug & Highsmith tent-c Doug (in blue) talking with renowned local watercolorist, Robert Highsmith, during the weekly Saturday Farmers’ Market downtown.

SONY DSC Hiking the Aguirre Springs area east of Las Cruces, in the shadow of the “Rabbit Ears” section of the Organ Mountains.

white sands-north pano-c white sands-mts-pano white sands-dds silhouette2-pano  And making it to White Sands National Monument in time to enjoy the sunset.  Think Fraser Island with no vegetation or water.

LR art display-c  And squeezed in some time to go through the pile of artwork, as Doug and his family have several of my works in their collection.  All in all, a wonderful 36 hours reconnecting after 6 years on separate sides of the planet.


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  1. Ah … Mesilla … and the Farmer’s Markets … and White Sands … and those incredible mountains! I can even smell it, ha ha! I had a look through my sketchbooks last night. Fond memories indeed.

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