Another exciting announcment

We are thrilled to announce that David Sorensen will be undertaking an Artist In Residency at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery from the 23rd of September to the 30th October 2013. David will be using this opportunity to conitnue working on a body of watercolours based on south east Queensland as well as to prepare and attend the Wide Bay – High Desert exhibition opening at CHARTS in October. We are really delighted to have one of our USA artists travel to Australia during this exchange project. But I will leave it to David to tell you more about his plans.



3 thoughts on “Another exciting announcment

  1. Very excited to be in residence soon. Skyped with my mate Murray in Bris and we’re planning to go bush to the Northwest again to see some of the sights that we missed or weren’t even on the map back in 1975 on last grand tour. So thinking I might be started your way sometime in August with much of Sept being feral in WA.

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