Nolan Here.

Because I haven’t posted in awhile and just saw the great posts from the last week or so….I want to add something. I’m going to take pix of my studio next week (if I remember) to share…I am sure it will horrify most, but, hey…..I’m messy. Till then…posting a couple of drawings that were in a show a couple of years ago. I used graphite (pencil, sigh) on a monotyped ground color. Small and intimate. Loved doing them. Image


4 thoughts on “Nolan Here.

  1. I wrote you a long message and my internet dropped out, so I will endeavour to send it again.

    Great to hear from you Nolan!! You are getting good at this blogging! Your drawings are fabulous. I like the matches work very much…beautiful drawing skills. The other work appears to reference Escher. He is one of my favourite artists. I spent a few years exploring infintity patterns and so on. Fascinating!

    You seem to have travelled widely. How have you come to be at Las Cruces?

    I am looking forward to seeing your photos,I love a messy studio!

    The Wide Bay artists are having a meeting at BRAG tomorrow (Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery). I will take some photos to post.

    Till soon. cx

  2. Love these drawings, the sardine can boat full of birds, danger and humour all at once .. great titles.

  3. Christine: Sorry I didn’t get back to answer your questions…Yes, I have lived for short times on the Caribe in Quintana Roo, MX, went to an art school in Italy and went to soFrance with my then man friend to live out the rest of our lives together. That was only a month, haha. I lived in Santa Fe, NM for ten years then went back to noCalifornia to ‘find a man’ and did. We got married and both wanted to move to New Mexico, but didn’t want much snow and cold, so that’s how we found what I refer to as ‘nowhere, New Mexico.’ I live about 80 miles north and west of Las Cruces in a small town called Hillsboro. About 125 full time residents, then add another 50 or so who live within 15 miles south and use Hillsboro’s post office. Been here 20+ years and love the quiet and lack of distractions. No cell phone service in our teeny valley. Makes me glad.
    If I can figure out how, I will add a pix of my first cuppa this morn out by a teeny pond we put in as soon as we moved here to help water the deer, javelina, fox, birds….during the severe drought we’ve now had for years. Behind it is a sculpture my husband made and in it hangs many copper tags with names of our influences…an homage to them. WILL take pix of my happy but filthy studio soon. Honest. uh oh. Since this is just a reply….no pix.

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