Greetings all! I’ve just returned from my own “Wide Bay” of Tampa Bay, Florida where I grew up. While there I installed one of my most High Desert of paintings, Fiestagave.


I’ve been thinking a lot about Noland’s comment re: “regional painting.” Wide Bay – High Desert does not explicitly call on us to work in a particular vein, but it seems that we are all thinking about place. The influence of place may be (?) less apparent in abstract painting. Is it shown though the use of “evocative” forms? Choice of color palette?

Noland expertly combines figurative and abstract elements in much of her work and I look forward to seeing how she approaches this project. I’m just getting started and have no idea where it’ll go. As the weather allows, my primary studio is in the backyard here in the Mesilla valley near downtown Las Cruces. I believe that this place informs even the most abstract “head” work. Onward . . .       Carey


3 thoughts on “Place

  1. I agree. Even this process is making me think about my own approach. For instance I most often pre-stretch canvas or work on panels. For shipping across the globe, panels will not do, and I think that I will work the canvas pulled around house insulation board as I have only time before. Both times I thought or responded to the margins differently. I’ll also need to keep scale in mind. I often work smaller than 30″ on luan panels and larger on canvas. It is good to switch things up though.

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