Reef Bride

Reef Bride

This image was created last night after a photoshoot with my lovely model Brigid. The work needs a bit of tweaking yet. I might try a different background too. Something is annoying me…!! cx


5 thoughts on “Reef Bride

  1. It is a pleasure to see your beautiful images as they develop.
    If I may be so presumptuous, I wonder shifting the ground away from the color of the pineapple it’ll “pop.” Yeah, that does sound presumptuous . . .
    I hope that I am confident enough to post work in progress, because it is interesting to see in other people’s work. CC

  2. Thank you Christine. I am a bit nervous about posting my own work-in-progress here (if I do!) in the future. I take people’s opinions about aspects of my work well if I know that they are sympathetic. I can’t begin to do what you do. And again, I love that you share you process, arguably what this blog is about? CC

  3. Hi to you both this morning (evening CC), and Christine this is a beautiful, beautiful image.

    I agree, the blog is going to be a great platform for sharing these processes, and getting to know a little about each other through these processes. I agree CC, showing work-in-progress can be uncomfortable as often in progress, we’re not happy with the piece yet. When I know someone is coming into my work area I will sometimes play down those pieces, perhaps that’s a way to treat the blog… to show what we’d be comfortable showing a visitor, but being comfortable enough with it’s direction to talk about where it’s headed. I shall put my money where my mouth is now, and post a print that ‘almost’ worked but is on the way to somewhere…

  4. Oh dear….I keep pressing the wrong buttons and losing what I have written. So annoying.
    I love people to comment on my work finished or unfinished. It’s just nice to communicate. I think having my personal art blog has made it much easier for me. 400 plus posts now. I have many people reading my blog, but most seem too shy to comment. Sometimes I write….’Speak to me!!!!’ Lol! I’m pretty confident in what I do, but I love people who love and live art, and when they share their thoughts it is special. In all the time I have been blogging, I have found people to be most supportive. cx

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