Barrier Reef works

Reef Bride- Seagull

Barrier reef 3 smI now have three different versions of the Barrier Reef work. Two shown here. I took a new photo of the pram from ground level and it is much better. The last version should be finished tomorrow. Cheers! cx


5 thoughts on “Barrier Reef works

  1. Oh I love them both! And the different responses I’m having to the pram contents – the pineapple beautifully kitsch and I went to the big pineapple so many times as a kid so it’s instant nostalgia. But the bird is just heartbreakingly sweeeeeeeet.

    Lovely Christine, you’re on a roll hey?

  2. Thankyou Adrienne….it seems that way. I hope it keeps up.. The good thing is I am using all my junk and biscuit tins to produce this work. I’m having fun anyway….making a mess all through my apartment!!

  3. I love the seagull and blue through the bird and bride. Captivating, when I look at it I feel I’m in a hushed theatre.

  4. You are very intuitive Susan. A stage or theatre is just what I look for. I hope to create an environment that will allow the characters I use…the bride etc, … to exist.
    How are you going?

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