Next Painting Underway

I’ve been distracted of late madly digging up and redesigning my backyard to eventually be a desert xeriscape (once I return from Australia, assuming any funds left).  Seems I need to have my gall bladder removed, which will keep me from the heavy work for the coming month or so, hence garden priority before I go under the knife.  What a coincidence, my surgeon is from Bundaberg, bloke by the name of Jayant Patel (just kidding!).  Nonetheless, my next painting is underway.



3 thoughts on “Next Painting Underway

  1. Hey Dave, It’s lovely to see your underpainting, can’t wait to see what’s next once you get out of the garden. And thanks for the new word – xeriscape – had to look that one up!

  2. Hi Dave. I see your paper is taped down; to what appears to be cardboard … with masking tape …? Is that correct, and if so, don’t you have trouble getting it ‘unstuck’ when you’re finished?
    I like your desert xeriscape plans. I spent yesterday planting lots of succulents amongst the rocks surrounding our pond 🙂

  3. Jenny, I tape these full sheet pieces with a tough “artists framing tape” to a special plastic board that I got from a store that was going out of business. Pretty indestructible stuff, I even cut mat board on it. It is very stiff, yet thin and easy to haul around. The tape doesn’t give me any trouble coming off the paper, probably because of the coatings Arches puts on their paper. Actually I wish it would stick a little better. Usually by the end of my painting it has become unglued here and there. Normally I don’t tape at the edge of the painted area, since I kind of like the overpainting effect in the unframed painting. That shows it was made by hand, with all the imperfections, as opposed to the crisp edge of a giclee print. I’ll add margin info such as full signatures and dates, and some of my collectors like to leave these exposed when they frame. Again, it shows it is the real work of art, in this age of perfect giclee reproductions.

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