Invitation to show in Mt Perry

MtPGAG_InviteDL_AWilliamsOne of today’s jobs was to finalise the invitation for a little show here in Mt Perry at the end of May. Come one, come all… saves having to stand in the room on my own :-]

For any Wide Bay interest, the show runs until June 30 and I can open the gallery any time. And we have beds for 3 visitors, a swag for 1, multiple tents, a beautiful studio to sleep in, etc etc if anyone wants to make the trek out.

Right, back to the work…


2 thoughts on “Invitation to show in Mt Perry

  1. Adrienne what s super name for your exhibition – beautifully designed invite and sumptious image on the front! I’m going to see if we can get a band of us to come for a visit 🙂

  2. Roana, that would be so wonderful if you could put a posse together for a visit. It’s about 1.25hrs from Bundy, a lovely drive, and free sets of steak knives when you get here. Or glasses of bubbles at the studio!

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