Ground Zero

Casting about for approaches to making “New Mexico” paintings, I started in on with a state map rendered in a painterly manner and using some letter stamps pressed into the media. I very quickly realized that I was treading firmly in Jasper Johns territory – and with a hand-print yet? I’d like to call it an ironic appropriation, but really. . . What to do? Abandon the work (shown here in early stage of my transgression,) or acknowledge the artistic debt and move on? I’ll choose the latter and see it through. So here it is, my public acknowledgement of debt to an artist that I admire, but didn’t consciously realize is an influence. CC


6 thoughts on “cArtography

  1. Hi Nolan, I’ve learned – or am trying to learn – that there are a million reasons not to make art and that I’ve listened to the “NOs” for too long. CC

  2. It’s beautiful, so you have to keep on it. It’ll go somewhere that’s ‘you’, and yes we are all working with our art heroes firmly in our subconscious.

  3. I think that “Influence” may be an upcoming Q/A. As for JJ, he may not have been the first one to put a handprint in the mix? I recall a cave somewhere . . .

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