Unsettled Lunch

We all finally got together at Unsettled for a great feed by Catherine, team intro’s, and some planning/Q&A.  Good outcome, and took the opportunity for a photo shoot.  As Catherine pointed out, our serious look approach made us look like uneasy stagecoach robbers.  Fun stuff was more “us”.



Image(Can you tell Carey was looking forward to getting back to the office?)



(so here is the Las Cruces Mob…left to right:  Dave, Nolan, Peggy, Catherine, and Carey)


7 thoughts on “Unsettled Lunch

  1. Good to hear you we’re all able to get together, and yes, the last photo is definitely the pick of the bunch! Welcome Peggy 🙂

  2. gee, Dave….thanks for posting, haha. Was great to meet you and Peggy yesterday and visit with Catherine and Carey again. Folks…Dave is a whirlwind and a great help in all the ins and outs of dealing with shipping questions, photos…. Thanks again.

  3. Dave, great photos. My wife is mortified that I wore the brown “Hawaiian” codger shirt though and is threatening to burn it. CC

  4. I actually laughed out loud about the shirt comment, Carey. Great to see you all!

  5. Carey, as artists we are all codgers and blodgers by trade, so perfectly attired for my tastes (so sayeth the other bloke in a Hawaiian shirt)

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