Low Desert

021_AW_13Wave, Wave…
from the Wide Bay Low Desert.

2m of fine sand sits waiting to be spread over 10m of coarse sand and todays drizzly day kept the builder and his compacter machine away, and the Studio Assistant stays blissfully sand-bogged. It is digging, rolling, skidding, leaping, sleeping (did I mention digging?) bliss.

There is sand everywhere! But you get used to the crunching sound.

022_AW_13I should have a couple of finished pieces to show over the next couple of days, but they’re still at that slightly uncomfortable stage where they’re so close but each time I look at them something rubs the wrong way… could just be sand in my eyes I guess.


4 thoughts on “Low Desert

  1. My assistants leave cool pot holes peppering Studio One (the backyard.) Tolerable so long as they don’t dig the flowers and gopher plants. Looking forward to your next post. CC

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