Dreaming a Space

Describe your dream studio (or studios!) Adrienne and others my be materializing that very space. CC


3 thoughts on “Dreaming a Space

  1. Easy….my dream studio is a 5,000sq. foot metal barn in the middle of nowhere. Embarrassingly….I’m going to post pictures of my current studio. Not 5,000 sq. ft. =\

  2. Old service station floor plan with three-bay roll up doors. Roll-ups fitted with glass. Clerestory windows on three other walls to allow both light (but not so much if in NM) and painting hanging space. Doors open onto covered but open pad. Cabinets off pad for tools. Out building for my ever-growing comprehensive collection of CC paintings. Fenced yard for studio assistant pups, a few plants and cocktails. Cool, warm clean(ish) office area for a fridge, reading, business, visiting. H can work there too when I’m making mess on the pad. All tables on rollers for in and out of doors. Sinks inside and out. Hose bib outside. On-site rest room. CC

  3. Yep, it’s happening in my back yard… and does look very tidy as I’ve only been in there 5 months. Walls are lined with ply and painted white so I can hammer stuff all over them (that was the builders idea), great insulation, great cross ventilation to help with the oils fumes, great light. It’s 6.5m x 4.5m (21ft x 14ft) and it feels like just the right size. I can work in most spaces as long as I have enough room, so the small area I’ve been in for the last 3 years has been quite unproductive. I feel very lucky every day, don’t think I’ll ever take this space for granted.

    But my equipment cupboard is bliss. I can find stuff. Actually open the doors, not have to move 17 things to get to what I want. This is a first :-]

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