While I was on my way to my studio, passing by the guest house/another studio…I took a pix of a mama dove with her youngin’ under the back portal…where she made a nest on the top of an ancient (or, really OLD) bison skull my sis sent me from northern North Dakota, where the buffalo used to roam before WE came to North America. The little one is looking straight at me and believe it or not, there IS another youngin’ behind mom. So sweet, I talk to them daily so they have gotten a bit used to me.


One thought on “doves

  1. Watching wildlife at close range is one of my favorite things about living in a rural area. We get to see wallabies and many different birds grow up all the time. We have a family of ‘Grey-crowned Babblers’ busy making their nest right beside our balcony at the moment, and last year watched two families of Kookaburras dig their nests in tree-based termite nests and raise their young.

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