Trevor’s pottery


In 2006 I opened my studio up as a small gallery for local artists to show their work. The gallery was named ‘gallery39 and ‘genesis’ was the first exhibition held there. It was a very successful show including works of my friends and some prints from my private collection.


When Carey was commenting on Trevor’s picture, I remembered that I had some photos from that show. I was pleased when Trevor said I could post these pictures of his amazing pottery…much of which was sold!!

The gallery has reinvented itself and is now called ‘Dirty Linen’. It has a different ‘raison d’etre’ these days. It functions as my gallery/art studio/photography studio, and I am very lucky to have it.


I am sure you will greatly admire Trevor’s skills when you see these photos. Thanks Trevor!

Till soon, cx


5 thoughts on “Trevor’s pottery

  1. Mmmm. Thanks Trevor and Chris. Just lovely work. The collection in the hanging piece of alcoves is beautiful.

  2. Amazing works Trevor! Dirty Linen means so much to all the creative community here. It’s a oasis!

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