John Wolseley work…

Inspired by Carey, here is a link to an Australian plein air painter, John Wolseley. Originally from England he (fortunately) adopted us and has been here over 30 years.

His work is like a natural history journal moving about on a mapped, watercoloured, rock rubbed, tree scratched conceptual base. It’s divine stuff and Dave, if you don’t know his work I imagine you’ll love his command of watercolour.

I did a 5 day ‘Drawing in the Landscape’ workshop at Bundanon with him about 12 years ago and it’s impression is still strong, at the time I was a commercial illustrator and designer and we had great conversations about illustration, art, where it blurs, when does it move to being art. Meeting him and being exposed to his work truly centred me on my own direction, which I then slowly chipped away at while working and running a business for 10 years more.

For any of you interested in an artists residency in Australia, Bundanon is a fantastic facility and steeped in Australian art history.


7 thoughts on “John Wolseley work…

  1. Heee. Sorry Carey, I should have elaborated, inspired by the good references you’ve blogged so far with the studio book and G.O’K’s art. Doh.

  2. 🙂 Wolseley is also one of my favorite artists Adrienne. He actually came up to Bundaberg a few years ago and I was able to do a one day workshop with him 🙂

  3. I did a residency at Bundanon some years ago, it’s a magical place. I could imagine he would be in his element there, a special experience. Cheers

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