You should be dancing, yeah.

025_AW_13Hmmm. I’m thinking I should play the Bee Gees at the Mt Perry opening next Saturday night. I don’t think the Mt Perry Fine Arts Gallery has had the Bee Gees at an opening before.

The song is playing as I type, I just thought there was a little bit of dancing going on here in this piece, just signed this arv.

Had some great news in the mail today about an exhibition in Brisbane later this year, and the pavers made their 400km journey from their Brisbane depot via Bundaberg. Fingers crossed as of Tuesday I won’t be painting on a beach anymore.

I do believe it’s cocktail hour :-]


5 thoughts on “You should be dancing, yeah.

  1. Oh, reminds me of a visit to my painting professor Hiram Williams’ (any relation?) house/studio back around ’82. He met us at the door with ABBA’s “Danc’n Queen blasting in teh background. This is Ramone’s/Clash/New York Dolls era mind you. Abba. Bee Gees – So uncool then, so fun now. Keep on dance’n and a prance’n! CC

  2. “Good painting pulls at life, like the fingers of a plaintive child tugging at a parent’s sleeve: Come and play!” Sebastian Smee


  3. I think that “good painting” can come from all kinds of experience, but the Smee quote fits dancing with bottle trees wonderfully. CC

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