New work


This work is almost finished. I love the little rubber lamb that I have used in this work. The background is from a serving tray. cx

7 thoughts on “New work

  1. Hi Christine,
    Checked the definition of tableau. Merriam-Webster’s definitions 2-3 work.

    2: a striking or artistic grouping : arrangement, scene
    3: [short for tableau vivant (from French, literally, living picture)] : a depiction of a scene usually presented on a stage by silent and motionless costumed participants.

    For WBHD you might consider sending files to a first-rate printer here in LC and avoid the post and customs all together? Trusting someone to proof and limit editions might be a concern? Swatch proofs by mail? Catherine is showing a digi-savy couple’s work at the Unsettled opening this evening. They might work with you if you are interested. Just thinking like a museum guy (and a guy wondering how I’m going to get paintings to Australia in a cardboard tube.)

  2. Our posts crossed. Do you ever work in editions? I may not understand your process. I really like this one. CC

  3. Thanks CC for the definitions. I am aiming to sell my works in limited editions of 5. …Your idea of sending the files is very sensible and I will look in to that. Cheers c

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