Treasure Island Installed

Whew. The ab-strack-shun group show opened at the Unsettled Gallery yesterday afternoon to a good turn out. The Pic above is a new painting/collage I finished up very recently.  Lots of detail not evident here, but you get the idea. The log-in-the-wall is an old lintel and part of the gallery’s adobe walls. This show comes on the heels a March exhibit of my 2012 work. Now I can focus on WBHD. CC


4 thoughts on “ab-strack-shun

  1. well, good for your piece….looks it got the spot where three of my 24x24s had space. so, bittersweet for me. Kidding….looks great. Like that some areas are less busy that others…good contrasts.

  2. Hi Nolan, this is the space in the front room that also has a lintel!

    I havent always filled every square inch and am looking to open up, but figure some congestion is a function of my Monkey Mind these days. It’ll play out. Or not. Soon? CC.

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