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Hi WBHD artists,

I thought you might find the following exchange program / exhibition interesting – the program was called Double Vision. It differs from our exchange in that the artists all visited the other exchange region. But the video is still intersting to listen to the artist discuss the experience post exchange.



8 thoughts on “Interesting video

  1. One of the artists says that art made in Onkaparinga “. . . tends to be done in summer . . . [visiting artists] came in winter . . . .[I] saw my area in winter.” I noticed that if you Google New Mexico images and scroll down through the thumnails, you get a lot of high-color landscapes with very warm pallettes and hard edges to forms. Generally. Snow is no stranger to New Mexico, especially to the north where so many artists reside. CC

  2. Fun video and was good to hear them speak of the experience.

    Carey….haha…so far my own NM paintings on paper are mostly black/grey/white/beige/muted turquoise. Bright and hard edges….yikes. Will be fun to see our OWN versions of our land. I’m rather curious to see how I finish the last two paintings. hmmmmm. Know they won’t be bright, so you take that one. =]

  3. Come to think of it….I’m guessing all of us (Australians and New Mexicans) are dealing with ‘enchanted light’….and however one makes use of it will be great to see.

  4. This time of year things close-up tend to be in such high relief that shadows have dimension. Things in the distance haze from the wind/dust. Sun coming up now, backlighting the mountains. Everything dusky purple grey with peach vanilla swirl. A friend calls the fine orange dust that inundates everything here “the color of enchantment.”

  5. Only artists, writers, and those who love art can see these things.

  6. Trudie thanks for sharing that I found that really interesting, great to hear what other areas are doing very inspiring!

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