Controlled chaos


So it’s the day before hanging
’10 Green Bottles’ and I don’t need to tell any of you about the mild chaos that surrounds that. But this show, in our tiny local gallery in our town of 300 people, is about showing the process. Something we don’t often get to do, and I’m excited about showing some of the town what on earth it is that I do tucked away in the studio.

From one of the didactics I’ll put up: ‘Some get hidden, painted over, sworn at, and some can be worked over and over again to reveal something beautiful.’

Some of these pieces I could still stand and curse, but it’s time to just say ‘it’s time’.
It’s been such a good few months and I can ‘see’ what I want to explore next with these trees for the WBHD exchange. Exciting.

Show opens Satdy night :-]


6 thoughts on “Controlled chaos

  1. Looks like it will be a good showing, Adrienne. Brava. I live in a town of 150, so know how fun it is to share with ‘the folks’ what exactly it is you do in there. Have fun.

  2. I’d love to see your install. Fun to recognize pieces from earlier posts.
    I’m in three-directions with this project and not sure I “see” where to go yet! CC

  3. Adrienne! Keep up your coffee supply levels 🙂 All the best I can’t wait to see your show, sending you biggest hugs x

  4. Heee. Thanks Roana… I almost posted that there may be a lot of coffee in my life today! Thanks to you all. I’ll definitely take pics of the install and post next week. It’ll be a small affair :-]

  5. An exhibition is really a party for the artist and their friends. Enjoy the day! cx

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