Making a start on an artist’s book

Still thinking of making an artist book I’ve began playing with those photos of the smouldering fields,  blending them with the painting from an earlier post .. and putting together a string of words to go with the picture. Not fitting together neatly yet but working on it

maybe I can make a book cover from sugar cane leaves

flat image 1

Along the barbed wire flight path  a shudder of birds  cold-shouldering  loss, swoop

straight by shattered eggshell, diving on roasted insects

in the ashes

Hot sap set like brittle toffee snaps underfoot

no sound of clapping leaves, no cover of bark no wood by the wayside

Ashen faced in the rising heat standing in your spun sugar nest egg

next year set by, sewn and signed over


4 thoughts on “Making a start on an artist’s book

  1. Your poetry gives me goosebumps Susan! Sublime! ….and I love the image …tres Huttonesque!!!!

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