It’s a start!

It's a start!

I actually hemmed one side of each of these panels. By f’ing hand….I don’t sew, can you tell by my happy lingo? I will have them hang via dowels.


17 thoughts on “It’s a start!

  1. Can’t really see the sleeves for dowels, but it is a good alternative to having someone stretch canvas on the other side. I’ve seen people use grommets too. Prefer the sleeves In most cases. CC

  2. ah, thanks, Carey….grommets I’ve used before and may again on this one, rather than dowels. I have to finish painting it then I’ll decide….grommets or dowels (which means more hemming so grommets I’m sure it will be). Of course, I do nothing without black gesso. And for now they are simply tacked and stapled to the wall.

  3. Hi Nolan – I now recall hanging from a dowel some time back – I placed screw eyes opposite (+) a line of staples along the top margin of canvas and draped over – no pocket or grommet.

    About that black gesso . . . you mentioned that a friend said that the black made your pictures dark (I think?) Dark maybe, but never “dark” to my eyes. Don’t think that is in the spirit of your work. CC

  4. Mainly it was my art god (at the time) Nathan Oliveira (google him, dead now for a couple of years)…..he just wanted me to try a ‘medium’ toned painting and a ‘light’ toned painting. I did, at the time tend to use DARK colors. Still love them but also, LOVE my titanium white. So now I do keep it in my mind to vary my paintings, one to another. Black gesso give so much more depth to the colors over it.

  5. I Googled Nathan Oliveira when you mentioned him in an earlier post. Expressive painterly figuration, much as I would describe one of my mentor’s work, but different. That’d be HIram Williams. Thanks for that lead.

    I only started using the black gesso very recently. I was wondering how Raul Dorn, our fellow “Unsettled Gallery” exhibitionist, achieved those rich, rich liquid charcoal-like blacks. I didn’t think to ask Raul feeling it was proprietary or that he was performing spooky art-magic. Knowing him better now, he would have told me. It was actually one of his former students during one of Raul’s receptions that said “Yeah, black gesso.” Eureka. CC

  6. I’ve never heard of black gesso before. Will have to check it out as it sounds like something I’d like to try.

  7. I’ve been trying Utrecht’s. It is like very strong coffee. CC

  8. I use Utrecht’s, too. Sorry they were bought out by Dick Blick, sigh. But, it’s only gesso and doesn need to be covered with paint. Gesso will powder up and fluff off if left on its own.

  9. Tuesday afternoon and the dark one on the right is almost finished. Not sharing till it gets to ya down there. =] Whew. Now for the next one. And hemming/grometting…. such fun.

  10. I hadn’t heard of black gesso either… Jenny, we need to talk with Marlies and see if she has it at the shop and have a black gesso session :-]

  11. Hmmm. To post finished work here or save the surprise? Post the ones that will be staying at home? Good question. I do like to see process pix. CC

  12. I think that the canvas that is prepared for large format printer media must have a polymer like coating on it. Seems to hold a cut edge that withstands a little abuse. Also wonder about that iron adhesive hem stuff. Nothing like a stitch though? CC

  13. stitch. I thought a glue of some sort, unless sprayed, might make weird lumps/textures. The hem worked well. Hand stitched, of course. haha, laughs the non domestic who doesn’t own a sewing machine and had to ask her husband where the needles and thread were. =]

  14. Methinks that is an excellent idea Adrienne! A black gesso ‘party’ upon my return … your place or mine?!?! I fully support you Nolan, in your wish to avoid all things ‘sewn’ but sometimes these are the sacrifices we have to make (along with a designated ‘cocktail hour’) for our art 🙂 I personally have a strong affinity with a very liquid all purpose glue that goes by the name of ‘Locktite 406’ – glues virtually ANYthing and is extremely strong, way better than Superglues … but don’t let any get on your fingers … >.<

  15. gee, Jenny, my husband uses something called Locktite on hardware items. Maybe I missed the boat here and could’ve saved a couple of hours. That semi blind stitching by a neosewer takes a long, long time. haha

  16. Hi Nolan, your spray remark reminded me that I’ve used 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive on some work projects. Should be easy to find. The Nozzle can build up after awhile and throw some ‘lil globules. but prob not enough to show through canvas. Maybe a second light application if the canvas is sucking it up. I’d consider ironing a crease first? Also mask liberally. The stuff is tenacious.

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