Ground Zero

Ground ZeroGround Zero

Here is my New Mexico map image complete (?) on the left. Early state on the right, posted again for reference. Never would have been w/o this project.

Sun-baked ambition succumbs to “mañana.” Decades old, abandoned motor court signs and brightly enameled vintage automobiles pepper our harsh but awesomely beautiful landscape. Still the ambitious come. Alternate title: Waiting for Sir Richard. CC


6 thoughts on “Ground Zero

  1. haha, love that title. Aren’t we all awaiting Sir Richard!??? Nice, Carey. Think my ‘map’ piece will be staying in Cruces.

  2. Thanks all. I think. “Blimmen” is good, right?
    Alas, this “map” too is likely destined to remain here. It is painted on a panel with some objects attached. Plan for posting to Bundaberg at this point is to roll canvas and send in a tube. CC

  3. ah, looks like it would be a swell one to go to Australia, but understand you’ve put a lot of stuff on it so would be pricey to ship. Too bad for the Bundabergers. Lucky for Las Cruces.

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