Digital projections.

umbrella testHi, this is what I like to do for fun, project on to walls and buildings around town, with my friend Brad most of the time.. I took this photo this morning of my latest projection. Umbrellas over artists works in the exhibition Clinton Cross (a fellow Bundaberg artist) curated for my gallery, ‘Dirty Linen’.. It was a fleeting moment! cx

4 thoughts on “Digital projections.

  1. I’d be fantastic if we could throw your images large on the Rio Grande Theatre or City Hall, ??? here in Downtown Cruces during a First Friday art walk. Catherine?

    In this case these images would be parasols because we are not familiar with rain here. I think Las Cruceans would love it too, but perhaps I’m projecting. CC

  2. It looks fun! I’ve seen your projections on buildings on your web site. You don’t see anything like that in Las Cruces. I think that projecting Brigid in one of her/your milieus would be a million times more effective than one of my non-figurative paintings. Projecting mine would be more akin to architecture on architecture? Anyway, Cool!

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