thinking aloud .. about a book


Maybe I could have these printed on transparent film … stick them onto glass

there’s some small windows in Charts on the back wall .. maybe they could be printed to fit snug in there like stained glass …

new 8jpnew 3jp


9 thoughts on “thinking aloud .. about a book

  1. Might print direct to translucent fabric(s) or acrylic(s)? Like the physical remove of layers. Somehow makes me think of the “Visible Man” transparencies in the old Word Book Encyclopedia.

  2. Oh, here I go with the “helpful suggestions” again. I think that it is a function of my exhibits work wherein we brainstorm display output for installations. But not how the artist might make art!

    Do I welcome art suggestions? Maybe some. And we know that I welcome “affirmation.” Why don’t I just offer it?

    Making Art is the one activity that is all mine. Less so after it’s done, yeah. I consciously choose the most archaic media: hair on a stick, rubbing, dragging, pouring pigment in medium onto cloth on a frame or board, rectangles in both cases. I don’t shape the canvas or reveal the “means of production” by exposing the stretcher. I’m in love with the physicality of materials. How they respond to my aims and how they surprise me. That’s my thing. So if the pushy Exhibits Guy chimes in? He means well. Take it or leave it. CC

  3. These look so beautiful and interesting Sue! Fun to see where you go next.
    I think we’ve all collated a wealth of experience doing interesting things, gathering processes from our various lives. I think when a suggestion is given generously, it’s received that way too. How else do we find out about new ‘stuff’? For me Carey, don’t stop with the generous sharing of ‘stuff’.
    (i was tagged early on in my other life as a bit of a font fascist – i love beautifully designed bits of typography and any visual awkward text is like chalk on a blackboard. And it’s a hilarious struggle to resist saying “oh, that 0.5mm space between the ‘s’ and the ‘h’ …”)

  4. Maybe “hold that thought” when another artist is thinking aloud? Sharing stuff like black gesso, an good adhesive, a great book or web link. OK me think.

    Tangent: Barnett Newman said “Aesthetics is for artists what ornithology is for birds.” I like this quote. I think that strong visual art is a language unto itself. I sometimes question talking about art so much, but if i wasn’t participating in this blog, I’m not sure that I would recall, for instance, the “Visible Man” transparencies in the World Book Encyclopedia. At a young age made as striking a visual impact on me at the time as any art books or art in our home.

    Of note: Barnett Newman was an art philosopher. And an ornithologist.

  5. Thanks Nolan, yes I’m adding my strings of words to the books, words one page images the opposite page for now but maybe they’ll learn to mix in with each other as it goes along.

    Thanks for the idea CC .. In the process of working from first thoughts to being finished with it, if I’m offered an intuitive suggestion, making use of it is generally a dilemma. Feels similar to someone saying what about moving your knight to threaten the bishop.. and they were right it’s a good move .. but when the games over you don’t feel you won on your own merits. That’s how it can feel but of course that’s not how it should be when it comes to art.
    There’s no defined strategies here!!.. we can choose materials / ideas from someone / somewhere assimilate it into our work still creating something that carries our unique fingerprint. Be it cave painting Chagall’s dream like images a scene of destruction in the news all spores borne on the wind to fertilise our imagination. (Sorry I do ramble on sometimes)
    And I do like the thought of sheer fabric might just try that … maybe a bonus for me during this WBHD journey will be becoming more open to accepting ideas and feeling free to use suggestions .. hell I might even become better at collaborating .. and that’s just made me think ‘maybe we could come up with a way to collaborate on one piece for each exhibition’ .. anyone have any further thoughts on that?

  6. Hi Susan,

    A book along the lines of your idea would be a great, practical way to collaborate. Could even ship pages back and fourth – and/or electronic. Maybe combined, which seems appropriate with different mediums. Catherine recently sponsored a curated artist’s book show at the Unsettled. Books from far and wide. She may try it again. Good and diverse results.

    Not sure on time frame at this point though. Maybe the WBHD II folks can get an early start!

  7. Thanks for the Barnett Newman quote CC – very apt … and nice that he was also an Ornithologist.

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