Circling around Childers

030_AW_13I’m really enjoying how much the WBHD project is sitting at the front of my mind lately. As I said hello to this sand monitor (goanna) I said to the Nearest “must go back to the car for the camera so I can take a photo for Nolan”. This in turn created a look of utter confusion on his face as he searched his mind for the meaning of this statement. Okay, so apparently he’s not following my every word on the blog – who’d have thought?

My thoughts had gone instantly to Nolan’s beautiful yam-created circular forms so I hope you enjoy these big Australian lizards showing off theirs, Nolan.

031_AW_13We were visiting a little spot in Childers called ‘Snakes Down Under’ with some passes friends had given us. The Nearest has done a snake-handling course at work in case one crosses their paths and it needs to be removed… they are a protected species. It’s a lovely little tourist attraction, yes Dave we can definitely take you!

032_AW_13Nolan this one is called a Perentie – from the central deserts of Australia. Again a beautiful big lizard and it’s not hard to see a relationship between their skin patterning and the stunning Aboriginal dot paintings.
My understanding is that dot painting was originally done in the sand as storytelling and ceremony, and acrylic paint was introduced to the artists
in the 80’s.

033_AW_13This is a link to a lovely piece by the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye. I love her paintings and palettes.

Our Childers visit ended with a bit of black headed python cuddling, I was very busy taking the photos and therefore unable to participate :-]

Cleaning the studio today, getting ready to paint…

3 thoughts on “Circling around Childers

  1. Great to see gary goanna again! Just attended local talk by herpetologist on the poisonous snakes and critters of our local area. One lady in the Talavera area nearer the mountains has already had 50 rattlers taken out of her yard.

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