Latest painting – “Juniper on Ledge”


I figured I better get cracking with the brush before aged decrepitude sets in, so treated myself to a long day of painting yesterday to complete this little detour from work on my 4th WBHD painting.  This watercolor is from a scene in my favorite hidden canyon in the Robledos Mountains.  It is less than 15 minutes drive to start of the hike, but a healthy haul to make it up all the waterfall ledges, well into mountain lion/puma/cougar country.  These particular juniper pines (I think it is a “one-seed juniper” make all sorts of fantastic twists and turns of their branched trunks, limbs, and roots as they optimize their growth in the harsh environment, particularly if on a cliff ledge like this old, dead matriarch.

Here’s the full view of the tree.  You can see I take artistic liberty with the cliff, etc. but my colors are actually relatively true.  The harsh light blanches out the color in most mid-day photos.  I do most of my coloration and light from memory, using the images as a general reference only.



Here’s a shot of my favorite part of the canyon itself, a little further downstream from my painting location, with yet another juniper wedged in the rock and surviving off the occasional stream flow.  Another painting to come?



5 thoughts on “Latest painting – “Juniper on Ledge”

  1. Oh it’s gorgeous – that strong band across the centre. mmmm.

  2. Very inspiring. I realized as I looked at this painting, your painting, I love sticks and stones. what I mean to say is wandering through nature, I’m drawn to rocks and trees. You’ve captured the best of what I love. Beautiful!!

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