The Winklers as Art Lovers

You can take that title multiple ways, all appropriate.  But in this case I’m referring to their beautiful collection of contemporary and family art.  Winkler opened a gallery in California as post-retirement second career (third if count artist) and that created many secondary collecting opportunities.  They met through this gallery and both seem to share taste and have plenty of their own, son’s and other relatives’ work to display in the bargain.

Entrance to the house is into an alcove foyer with some of these things.  The dog shrine, started by son Todd…Image

Casino Nolan, same artist, with sheep heads by another artist.


Into the main gallery, where greeted by Winkler’s self portrait (Nolan assisting with the paper mache moulding from life, seated on the first hydraulic rowing machine from the 1800s.  And a few of their cycling ribbons.Image

Nolan with a sculpt portrait of herself by an artist friend, in the main gallery.Image

The Winklers in the main gallery looking west and east, respectively.  Winkler stands in doorway to the main house portion of the structure.  The sunroom end of the gallery is in the background, on the eastern end.Image


In the kitchen, the pet art corner.Image

Unusual Chinese sculpt of the 3 (maybe 4?) Stooges.Image

Nolan with her earliest known artwork, a little clay worm.Image

And finally, Nolan showing some of her work in an erotic poetry publication, Yellow Silk.Image

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this virtual visit to Hillsboro and the Winklers, and get a time to see this creative little corner of New Mexico for real someday.


11 thoughts on “The Winklers as Art Lovers

  1. Just as an aside…it’s Sunday and our high for the day was 111°F. I’m melting. And there’s a forest fire about 16 miles sw of us. Dang.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us Nolan and Winkler, and yes we do love art!

  3. Thanks v much Dave for this tour … Nolan your home is a treasure trove ! beautiful interesting collection !

  4. Fantastic photos Dave 🙂
    Nolan, I LOVE your gallery … may I have it? Please?
    OK, then maybe a visit someday?

  5. A warm, welcoming, comfotable place to take in Fine (and some funky-fine) Art.

  6. Jenny….any time.
    Right now we are dealing with a wildfire just 10-12 miles from us and our pals in Kingston, NM, had to evacuate. They are nine miles over dry and hilly terrain from us. Sky is smokey, weather is HOT. No rain in sight.
    Yi yi yi yi.

  7. Scary, Nolan, 10-12 miles it too close. How is it today?

  8. 😦 Fingers crossed and urgent request sent to sky ‘Gods’ for rain, or at least heavy moisture, and no winds from the wrong direction for NM. Wild (‘bush’) fires are a regular fact of life in Australia but still terrifying nonetheless.

  9. Adrienne….a bit closer but the great god, They, are suspecting Hillsboro will be safe. But all 28 residents of Kingston are here, too, having had to evacuate. Making giant salad and taking watermelon to them at the meeting in community center tonight. We’ll hear more details then. Thanks for asking.

  10. WOW! What an amazing space and tresure trove you have there Nolan! Thanks for the photos Dave, my virtual armchair travel continues, so thankyou.
    Nolan I hope the fire situation has improved and everyone is ok?

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