Not art but road cycling news

Not art but road cycling news

Winkler and I each won gold in our 3 races. We’re competitors! Had such a fun time, too. Beautiful venues in Roswell, New Mexico at Bottom Lakes State Park. Hilly and hot. Cyclists are a great group, too.
Home to smoke and a raging fire in the mts. to the west that is expected to burn at least one to two more months. Moving north, we hope.


5 thoughts on “Not art but road cycling news

  1. Congrats! Well done 🙂 I know Bottom Lakes State Park … hilly and hot indeed! Hope that fire burns itself out real soon too …

  2. Thanks, Jenny. The lake area is lovely. Our fire won’t burn itself out for a month or two or more. But, our neighboring town is still safe. Was just up at our Community Center helping with breakfast….back for lunch….back for dinner. I seem to be the designated chef for vegetarian dishes. ha.

  3. You guys continue to amaze and inspire. Took my bike out for a long run a few days ago, then a good, aggressive vertical hike up to Baylor Pass. Feeling like the surgery is almost completely behind me, just in time for my labors helping friend move in on Santa Fe mountaintop next week. might swing through to say hi on way home on 1 July, if you are around. I’ll give warning call.

  4. Dave….would you believe we’ll be housesitting in Santa Fe on the 1st. haha. 1414 Agua Fria if you’re around. We leave here the 26th and come home the 6th, I believe.

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