Brief banksia tour…

037_AW_13In lieu of being able to show colour on canvas (paint is squeezed out onto palette… roaring to go on those white panels) I thought I’d show our mates across the Pacific a couple of our native plants – albeit tiny versions.

Last week I put a few in the ground outside the studio, that’s one tidy-up job ticked off. Banksias are my favourite Australian plant, they have amazing leaf shapes, extraordinary shaped flowers and the birds do love them when they’re flowering.

This one in foreground is Swamp Banksia, they grow into mad shapes as a bush/shrub. And on the left toward the back of the photo is Coastal Banksia. These lovelies love shocking soil, not much water and a bit of harsh treatment, which is all very handy in my garden. Many Australian artists have explored their beautiful shapes in their art. Much loved Margaret Preston made so many beautiful pieces around them.

Now, time to dust off that palette knife…


3 thoughts on “Brief banksia tour…

  1. They sound like great bushes. Love the ease of care part. I usually tell my plant: I’ll water ya when ya need it, then you’re on your own. Grow or die. =]

  2. If you’re not making art, gardening must be a close second. Paintings grow or die too!
    Fingers crossed for our little fig trees. Not natives, but mediterranean natives have a shot here in LC. Oh, like the print link!

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