Father’s Day outing

Christine gave us the above ground views, so here are some subterranean sights.  Yesterday I treated myself to a tour of Carlsbad Caverns, one of the world’s largest, about 4 hours away.  Photos don’t do it justice.  250 meter descent by elevator.  The main chamber takes about 2 hours to make the 2+ km loop.  Also passed beautiful Guadalupe National Park en route, with plan to return for more exploring/painting.  Enjoy the pix.


ImageImage  This man of the cave formation is bigger than a house, about 20 m tall.

ImageLooks like something Christine did in her spare time?


ImageGuadalupe peak


6 thoughts on “Father’s Day outing

  1. Oh yes Dave – you’ll love Guadalupe NP. Carlsbad Caverns are so huge I actually got a bit claustrophobic walking down into them (it seemed to take forever, and always going further down … down …) and was really glad to get out and see the sky again! Did you get to see the thousands of small bats that leave the caverns each evening to go to their feeding grounds? That is another truly amazing sight 🙂 as they fly in group ‘formations’ in the mouth of the cavern before flying off over the top. Wow, memory is an incredible thing – I’m getting all these images of the colours and textures I saw as I’m typing!!!

  2. Dave….that picture with the ‘trees’ is something Adrienne did in HER spare time. haha. You men….you think we’re all alike, doncha?
    Having said THAT, these are stunning pix. What do I get for spotting the elusive Peg? Huh?

  3. I should have added….re: the beautiful sunset pictures….there is a chance the Kingston folks may get to return to their homes….so far, not one structure went with the fire(s) here, whew, and a heartfelt THANKS to the hundreds of firefighters here. They truly ARE heroes. And last night was the smokiest we’ve had but not so bad. Thank you, god of winds. I’ve been in charge of vegetarian dishes (with donated pasta given by WalMart and a local mom and pop store…local being 35 miles away…or somewhere near 56K) and big green salads for dinners (again with donated organic greens). Easy and am enjoying being able to help a bit. No painting in the studio going on at all, sigh. But a lot of calligraphy. And soon some background paintings for that stuff.

  4. Good news about the fire, the town, and the food.
    I’m thinking Dave did mean Christine re the photo?? There are shades of layering there as if image is over image is over image, this time done by water drips and not photoshop.

  5. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay.
    I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

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