Soft and fuzzy shots…

038_AW_13It may be a while before I can post any work in development as there’s lots of base work going on which often looks terrifying, and we don’t want to scare our Support Crew!

So I’m posting with lots of soft and fuzzy depth of field, thereby not revealing too much ‘scary’! Been using this favourite tool a lot lately – home made canvas pliers.

All credit to my old painting mentor for the tip – weld two pieces of angled iron to a set of multi-grips, adhere strips of coarse sandpaper to the inside of the angles and shazam! Note I breezed lightly over ‘weld’, as I’m happy to continue to reveal my inadequacies with any serious tools but fortunately Nearest has 3 welders and he knows how to use ’em.

The angled iron pieces are 20cm (8in) long so you can grab up a nice long chunk of canvas, and use the tightness adjustor on the multi-grips to tighten or loosen the grab depending on where you’re at in the process. The length of the pliers makes the task sooooooo much faster.

In the right of the photo is my compressor stapler which I’ve used for a long time as I’ve inherited my grandma’s weak hands and can’t actually fire a regular staple gun! But I did inherit my mum’s love of baking (and eating baking) so the hands get put to other good uses.


4 thoughts on “Soft and fuzzy shots…

  1. Hey there. I didn’t miss that rig in an earlier shot! Thinking the vise grip works a lot better than my commercial hammer-head pliers that take a toll on the aging wrists. As for fuzzy background images, look at my last post. Not much more revealing. CC

  2. Oh, and please send a tin of baked goods along with your paintings. CC

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