Hi folks, sorry I have been a little quiet of late. Just finishing of some video files for a digital projection event coming up. Actually there will be three projections over the night, so I am quite busy preparing. Subject matter pertains to the smallcrops industry here in Bundaberg. So food is what it’s all about. Picture below of a ‘Goddess of the Fields”. (Now that’s just being silly, isn’t it?)

Goddess of the Field

I have also been getting to know my new digital projector, and despite my first thoughts, I think it is going to do a good job. I will be off to Trevor’s territory at the end of the month for a digital projection for the Mary Poppins Festival. Trevor and I are hoping to come up to visit Mt Perry (Next week is it Adrienne?) Susan is in Cambodia with her daughter! That explains why we have not heard from her recently. We are all such busy people aren’t we?

I didn’t have a chance to find out what Trevor’s been up to for our exhibition, so I will endeavour to glean some information for you all!!!  Haha!!


4 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. Ooooh we missed you Chris!

    Yes, this Thursday is the day for cake in the Mt P Gallery at morning tea, and easy soup lunch and studio visit at my place afterwards. Just byo anything you’d like to drink. I think the BRAG team are going to pick me up some bread sticks at the Gin Gin Bakery (the one on the far north of town, heading north to the Mt P turnoff)

    If Trevor can make it he’d probably find it shorter to come up via Biggenden.


    Field goddess is lovely.

  2. Chris love the sensuous ‘silly’( happy now but not forever) goddess of bananas I think she would be capable of casting an evil spell if anyone tried to peel her produce .. oh dear I’m being silly now

  3. Haha! Maybe it was a banana skin you tripped on and not the hose!!! cx

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