35.6˚F outside so I’ve promised the Assistant a walk when we can feel sun on our skin. Good chance to (finally) upload some images to my website … in the heated office.

Paint going on canvas, slowly slowly.

We did a lovely bushwalk on Sunday to Boolbunda Rock nearby, walking through a few different forest types including this spotted gum and cycad area (probably an ironbark in the foreground). I still love to paint the spotties.



3 thoughts on “

  1. We’ll be in the low 100˚F this week. Long-haired assistant Milo would much prefer 35.6˚F. Assistant Carley is undeterred from chasing abundant lizards. Love cycads! Miss then from FLA.

  2. We are on the 100°F and have been for days, maybe weeks now….and I’m in the higher elevation than Carey. Well, at 5,300′. Fire still raging but smoke goes north so we’ve been lucky on that count. I like the looks of your walk, Adrienne. ‘Assistant’??????? Person or doggie? haha. Assistant to clean my studio….wouldn’t it be loverly…

  3. Alas, Nolan, the Assistant mostly just adds hair and dirt, no cleaning unless I’ve spilt food on the floor – so at this point you’re probably hoping I AM talking about Sunday the dawg, and not Murray the husband 😀

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