Bird spotting


I went bird spotting at the Botanical Gardens today. It helps me to get to get to know my new camera…and I love birds too.

I used the long lens today.

It was a glorious day. There were many families at the Gardens.

The little duck in this picture was drying his wing, standing on one foot. I think I was very lucky to get this shot. cx


10 thoughts on “Bird spotting

  1. Oh
    Christine what a delightful photo. A little bit of duck bliss. That is a seriously nice camera :-]

  2. I like the litte set of ultra-marine oil sticks on the fanny pack. What color on the wrapping. CC

  3. Pacific Black Duck
    or Anas superciliosis
    Great shot C aka Little Black Duck 😉

  4. Are you a bird spotter too Roana… may be able to tell me the name of the Black Diving Duck as I call it?? cx I will post it’s picture shortly.

  5. I can’t understand why he/she is called a black duck, when he/she is motley brown and teal???

    Need your help Roana! cx

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