Night light

041_AW_13Wet paint, all shiny under the camera flash. Such early stages of this painting, not sure I’ll ever lose the ‘will I ever get anywhere with this one‘ feeling. Probably just my make up, and I’m sure I’m not alone there in that madness.

But I’m going to paint a bit longer under the night lights, until my toes freeze over or I get the ‘hangries‘ – a diagnosable state when one is a little bit hungry and a little bit cranky. Best avoided.
So, nothing special about the lights but I’d seen it in a studio about 6 years ago – high ceilings, standard fluorescent tubes plus outdoor spots (warmish) turned upside down. Reflecting it off the high ceiling boosts the light and doesn’t reflect off your oils. It’s the first space I’ve had where I can paint at night and see. I mostly trust the colour of light, but tend to do more base work than top coats.

042_AW_13    040_AW_13

Note: Studio Assistant taking in some serious doona action.


4 thoughts on “Night light

  1. The structure is there in the work already Adrienne. Fabulous space you have there my dear!

  2. Hard to leave the space, it’s nearly 8pm, no dinner ready, Nearest probably asleep in front of the fire patiently ignoring his hunger after a 10 hour day. It’s still warm in here as we put in good insulation, but it’s probably time to clean the brushes and go find the home.

  3. Love this post, Adrienne. Love what I can see of the work and your space, too. Brava. Hope you’re rested and ready for the next ’bout’ by the time you read these replies.

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