Black diving duck?

black duck 1 sm

Here’s my ‘Black Diving Duck’. He was able to stay underwater for quite a long time. Amazing! Click on the picture for a larger photo.


6 thoughts on “Black diving duck?

  1. A beaut! That would be a great skill to have here in NM with the Mid 100s F expected in the days ahead. CC

  2. Too true! What birds do you find locally CC? Roadrunners probably? CX

  3. Just looked at my bird books… that tip on his beak says he’s a Hardhead but books say he’s dark brown… maybe he’s been to his colourist this week?
    Sounds like a good week to fill up the bath or a wine barrel with cool water CC?

  4. Oh oh, just saw your other comment about him being dark brown. So he’s a Hardhead… book says “Hardheads swim swiftly, low in the water, and often dive, getting food inaccessible to other ducks”. Clever ducky :-]

  5. We do have Roadrunners, but we don’t see them often in town. When we lived in Alamogordo in the sacramento Mnt. foothills we’d see RRs very often running along the top of our wall. Wallrunners? Also miss the Gambel’s Quail and the cranky, fussy Cactus Wrens. Greater variety of Hummingbirds there too. One year fires in the high evelvations drove an amazing variety of hummers down. Couldn’t count them all around the feeder.

    Here in LC in the valley most common are Sparrows and Finch’s of course (lesser Gold Finch a fav) – and White-Winged Doves and Pigeons including Incas. Thrashers abound. Grackles. Black Chinned Hummers at our feeders and outside of our livingroom picture window at the Trumpet Vine, like wide-screen Humm TV. American Robins. Resident Hawks dine on those WW Doves. Also in residence Great Horned Owls. Ladder Backed Woodpeckers.

    Occasionally Pyrrhuloxia (Cardinalis Sinuatus) and Bullock’s Orioles. I’ve seen Phainopeplas (?)

    We are close to the river, but it is still a surprize to see Herons, and Egrets in the desert. Cranes in migration fly over and famously take up residence not far north in the bosques. Many types of ducks, but they mostly stick close to the rio.

    Well, I am leaving some out, but there is a quick survey of what we can spot mostly from our yard. CC

  6. Goodness CC, I am going to have to go to the library to check them out!! I am going to write a list of birds I have seen lately – most without their official titles: Pacific black Duck, Hardhead, white goose, Kookaburra, magpie, Aust white ibis, Aust raven, hawk, Spur-winged plover, Black Currawong, White swan, Grey Fantail, budgerigar, dove, Common Myna, starling, Dusky Moorhen, galah, black swan, Pelican, Rainbow Lorikeet, Pied Currawong, Purple swamphen, Spangled drongo, Sulphur-crested cockatoo, Magpie lark.

    Well, that’s most of them that I have seen of late. cx

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