East comes West

045_AW_13Well, what a truly delightful day.

Thanks to the BRAG team, and fellow Wide-Baysters for making the journey and officially being the largest crowd yet in the studio. Much was discussed including bringing tents and sleepy bags next time.

In this shot, talks of siesta-needs came up after a long, cosy lunch. The Love sign in the background, done by a very clever writer friend, may have scared the locals when we first moved here as it’s a fully reflective road sign and does catch headlights and appears to glow. Spooky with a touch of hippy!

046_AW_13We were really sorry Jenny couldn’t be with us, and Sue is away doing something exciting that we hope she can tell us about in a post. I swear this was the best shot and is in keeping with my recent soft-focus focus. Takes years off us all?


7 thoughts on “East comes West

  1. A thanks so much for your scrumptious cake and soup 🙂 We are all extremely sleepy now and trying to get into work mode is proving very hard, lovely to see your exhibition, studio space, home and gorgeous Sunday – I’ll be off to the PO tomorrow to send my cheque – can’t wait! my very first Adrienne artwork 🙂 the first of many more hopefully!! Have a lovely week xxx

  2. I’m lovin’ these pictures. Bravo to all for sitting outside, as I’m thinking Adrienne said it would be mighty cold over there, over there. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Wish I’d been there, too.

  3. Dang, why cannot I think of all comments at once, you ask? I’m older. But I noticed the New Mexico magazines in your hands. Not the best representation of our fair state, but ….

  4. I think we’d warmed up to about 15˚ by the time we sat down for soup. Balmy!

  5. Great day, great company, great exhibition, great food, fabulous host! Thank’s Adrienne. I can highly recommend a visit to Mt Perry. T x

  6. How much honeycomb is too much? Thanks for the delicious treats bag from the big city!

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